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Online Risk Management Resources

Old National provides each client with access to a comprehensive risk management resource (called Mywave) that includes pre-constructed handbooks and employee correspondence. Many of these documents are available in English and Spanish and are formatted in Microsoft Word for ease of editing and collaborating.

Mywave also contains an online OSHA Management Center. This provides unique resources including an online log in which you can manage all of your OSHA needs 24/7 anywhere in the world that you can access the internet.

We provide this resource to each of our clients at no cost, and maintain a technology liaison on our staff to help you maximize your utilization and minimize your time spent administering any number of programs.

Old National also can provide valuable benchmarking data through our access to the Advisen program. This software aggregates financial and insurance purchasing information across many industries. It can be used to show what types and limits of coverage others in your industry are buying. We can also pull financial evaluations run by underwriters on your company to show you strengths and weaknesses. These reports help us address perceived weaknesses in your operations.

Insurance products are offered through Old National Insurance, subsidiary of Old National Bancorp. Products offered are issued and underwritten by various insurance companies not affiliated with Old National Bank and are not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, nor are they a product, deposit, or obligation of, or guaranteed by Old National Bank or any of its affiliates.

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